Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama

Since he’s by far the current front-runner for my vote in next year’s election, I decided to read Obama’s first book – written long before he was running for President. The book is more personal than I expected. As expected, though, it’s very well-written, thoughtful and insightful – and in the “discovering yourself” category, Obama definitely had a lot more complexity to deal with than most people, and wrote about it in a compelling way. But the last quarter of the book - about his pre-law school trip to Kenya - really dragged. Earlier in the book, the detail he included was interesting and provided texture to his insights; in the last section, it was just too much detail and was…. well, boring. Overall, though, I enjoyed it. And his other book is already on the pile of books next to my bed.


JCR said...

My edition of the "Letters to a Young Poet" is the Norton edition... paperback, white cover. Sorry I don't have a year for the republication. The bio section is called "Chronicles." Nice blog, by the way.

amy said...

I think Dreams from my Father is a boring read. Don't see much honesty in it.